If You Can Get 10 Happy Customers, You Can Get 100

When talking to entrepreneurs building a new B2B SaaS product, I constantly reiterate that the first major milestone is 10 unaffiliated customers that love the product (see SaaStr on 10 Unaffiliated Customers). Today, it’s easy to put a working product together (minimum viable product or even a minimum respectable product) due to the advances in open source software, cloud computing, and more. It’s always been about building something people want, and it’s even more so now that the technology challenge has been minimized.

If you can get 10 happy unaffiliated customers, you can get 100. Here’s why:

  • Every new customer represents more testimonials and social proof that can be leveraged to attract more customers
  • 10 customers is enough to find common use cases and patterns that can be codified into a cohesive marketing message that targets similar companies
  • There aren’t 10 completely unique companies in the world — every business has other businesses like it and they are findable
  • The same lead generation process that lead to the first 10 customers — cold calling, PPC, social, etc. — will lead to 10 more and on and on
  • Customers that truly love a product tell their friends and help spread the message through word of mouth

Getting 10 unaffiliated customers that are passionate about a product is incredibly hard. Once achieved, entrepreneurs have a strong foundation in place and can get to 100 customers using the lessons learned and momentum — that’s part of the beauty of B2B SaaS.

What else? What are some more thoughts on the idea that if you can get 10 happy customers, you can get to 100?

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