Write an LP Portfolio Summary from the Investor Perspective

Earlier today I received the quarterly update from a venture partnership where I’m a limited partner. Limited partners are the investors behind the investors. The LP update includes information about the fund (like number of investments, amount of money deployed, etc.) as well as a page for each portfolio company. Similar to an executive summary, the LP portfolio summary explains the startup in a straightforward way with limited hype. Here are the typical sections in an LP portfolio summary:

  • Company name
  • Geographic location
  • One line company description
  • Investment summary table
    • Amount invested
    • Total equity capital invested
    • Ownership percentage
    • Investment date
    • CEO
    • VC board member
  • Investment overview
  • Company overview
  • Market overview
  • Management team

For entrepreneurs looking to raise money, writing an LP portfolio summary from the perspective of your potential investor is a good exercise to get in the mindset of the investor and think through the respective details. The key is to present the information in a concise way that is informative without being jargon-filled.

What else? What are some more thoughts on writing an LP portfolio summary from the investor perspective?

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