Benefits of Internal Recruiters

When a startup hits the scaling phase and starts hiring a significant number of people on a regular basis, one of the best things to do is to hire an internal recruiter. At Pardot, we actually hired several full-time internal recruiters well before we hit 100 employees as we saw our fast growth continuing indefinitely. Here are a few benefits of internal recruiters:

  • Internal recruiters learn the culture and core values inside and out
  • Internal recruiters get to know the team and hiring managers such that they can better align candidates with positions
  • Internal recruiters are only focused on their own company (as opposed to being split across different companies)
  • Internal recruiters can build a future pipeline of candidates well in advance so that when the next milestone is achieved, or funding round secured, the time to getting great new hires on board is significantly reduced

Hiring internal recruiters early on in the scaling process can make a huge impact on the business. Entrepreneurs would do well to engage internal recruiters earlier than expected.

What else? What are some more benefits of internal recruiters?

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