HubSpot Growth: $300,000 to $3,000,000 in ARR in Six Months

In Mark Roberge’s book The Sales Acceleration Formula, he talks about implementing HubSpot’s first sales compensation plan when they had $300K in annual recurring revenue and 100 customers. Six months later they had 1,000 customers and an annual run rate of $3 million. Today, HubSpot is on a revenue run rate of over $200 million per year (NYSE:HUBS).

From a SaaS perspective, going from $300K ARR to $3M ARR in six months is amazing. Lemkin’s SaaS Law is as follows:

if you can go from $1m to $10m in 5 quarters or less, then your market is huge.

While this HubSpot example is going from $300K to $3M in six months, I’m sure they went from $1M to $10M in five quarters or less. And, of course, today they’re north of $200M run rate, proving that the market is huge.

This is an exceptional example but a great datapoint nonetheless. Entrepreneurs should look for small, fast growing markets that will eventually be huge.

What else? What are some more thoughts on this example of HubSpot having tremendous growth in the early days and that representing a huge market?

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