A SaaS App for Every Department and Every Business Function

Continuing with the idea that every spreadsheet shared is another SaaS app, there’s another way I like to think about potential opportunities in the SaaS world: there’s a SaaS app for every department and every business function. Meaning, every department should have an app they use (e.g. Pardot for marketing) and every distinct business function on the team should have one or more apps (e.g. SalesLoft for the SDR function in sales).

Here are a few questions to ask when thinking about about SaaS app opportunities:

  • Is this a function that is broadly applicable across business functions (e.g. Calendly for scheduling) or very specific to one business function (e.g. Trustfuel for customer success)?
  • Is this resegmenting an existing market or creating a completely new one?
  • Of the three options better, faster, or cheaper, which two does it represent?
  • Is this app a must-have or a nice-to-have?

The next time you hear a pitch for another SaaS app, see if it fits in this theory that there’s a SaaS app for every department and every business function — I bet it does.

What else? What are some more thoughts on the idea that every department and business function will have a dedicated SaaS app?

One thought on “A SaaS App for Every Department and Every Business Function

  1. While hand tailored app’s for each functional role can drive productivity, it also creates silo’s of data that create a new set of issues. As accurate and complete relationship data gains importance in sales, marketing, customer services etc – we need a single comprehensive system of record. Either Salesforce.com eats the world and sits in the center doling out expensive seats or a new model will emerge. We are building that new model at SalesWise…..

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