27 SaaS Products for the Marketing Department

After the post on 35 SaaS Marketing Products @ 1 Startup, a number of people asked me what products they used. While I don’t have the exact list of apps, here’s most of the free and paid apps the marketing department of the sub 100 person company uses:

  1. Salesforce.com – CRM
  2. Pardot – Marketing automation
  3. SalesLoft – Sales development (inbound response reps on the marketing team use SalesLoft to respond to leads)
  4. Google Analytics – Web analytics
  5. Google AdWords – Ad platform
  6. LinkedIn Ads – Ad platform
  7. Facebook Ads – Ad platform
  8. DataVibe – Marketing analytics + reports
  9. Terminus – Account-based marketing
  10. Calendly – Calendar scheduling
  11. Moz – SEO analytics
  12. Buffer – Social media scheduling
  13. MeetEdgar – Social media content recycling
  14. Captora – Bulk landing page generation
  15. Optimizely – A/B testing
  16. Zapier – Cloud integration
  17. Unbounce – Landing pages
  18. WPEngine – WordPress hosting
  19. Zopim – Live chat
  20. ON24 – Webinar management
  21. GoToMeeting – Screen sharing
  22. Sigstr – Employee email signatures
  23. Intercom – Customer communication
  24. Vidyard – Video management
  25. LeanData – Campaign attribution
  26. Bizable – Marketing attribution
  27. Everstring – Predictive account discovery

Some later additions:

A small business marketing department using 27 products is on the high side, but not unreasonable. Look for the number of marketing department apps to grow over time as more useful point solutions come on the market.

What else? What are some more apps you’d add to this list for a marketing department?

9 thoughts on “27 SaaS Products for the Marketing Department

  1. Definitely add Asana or Trello for project and task management

    Mitchell Hanson | Director of Marketing Z-Discovery by Zapproved m 503-804-4215


  2. Hi David,

    In addition to many on your list, we use the following SaaS solutions for marketing:

    1. NinjaPost – cloud hosted forum/community (matterpeeps.com)
    2. NinjaPost Plus – visualization of MRR clients (wegetaroundreferralnetwork.com)
    3. MapBox – client location data visualization
    4. MoonClerk – enables creating MRR plans/offers by marketing
    5. ChartMogul – all analytics for our SaaS business
    6. Matterport – 3D/VR models of indoor spaces
    7. WuFoo Forms – form/database creation
    8. Google Sheets – (WuFoo Forms –> Zapier.com –> Google Sheets)
    9. Vimeo – MRR clients meets video management (permissions)
    10. Adobe Photography Plan – Lightroom/Photoshop
    11. Amazon Prime – eliminate shipping charges
    12. Dropbox – video file sharing
    13. Evoice – PBX in the Cloud
    14. Godaddy – custom URLs for client properties for sale
    15. Lynda.com – online learning
    16. SquareSpace – webhosting
    17. Swiftvox – cloud-hosted management of phone numbers

    The above tools enable us to market and run our business. Today (24 July 2016), our Atlanta Tech Village based company has 140 MRR clients that pay We Get Around as much as $99/monthly. Our client growth is at 7 percent monthly.



  3. Hi David, it would make sense to add a Search Marketing analytics SaaS product to your ranking.

    Botify (www.botify.com) is a customer-acclaimed Search Marketing Analytics solution that helps thousands of users (Marketing managers, SEO managers) optimize their website structure, enhance their content quality and improve their overall visibiity and ranking on search engines.

  4. NIce list above. We use 15 MarTech SaaS tools at CallRail. Here are a few that have not been mentioned above.

    Datanyze – Pipeline list building
    GoTo – Webinars (nice Marketo integration)
    Join.me – Demos (do not like, personally use UberConference)
    Mention – Social media monitoring
    Olark – Chat
    RivalIQ – Competitive monitoring

    We did a pretty extensive evaluation of marketing automation programs last year. At the time we had about 20 employees. We ended up selecting Marketo. Not saying that is right for everyone, for something as embedded as a MAP you really need to eval against your specific needs.

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