Make a List of Startup Ideas

One of the common refrains I hear is “I want to be an entrepreneur but I don’t have a good idea.” My response to that statement is “Great, what’s on your list of ideas?” Now, most of the time there’s no list. Aspiring entrepreneurs need to keep a list of ideas.

Here are a few thoughts on making a list of startup ideas:

  • Use Evernote or a Google Doc
  • Write down all the ideas you’ve had historically
  • Ask three close friends what ideas you’ve mentioned to them in the past that they remember and write them down
  • Whenever you encounter a problem, headache, or poor experience, write it down (personally, my best ideas have come from solving personal problems or challenges)
  • Set a goal for writing down a certain number of new ideas per week (e.g. make a target of one new idea per week)
  • Don’t be selective about the ideas written down — make it exhaustive

With this living list of startup ideas, review them the 1st day of every month and think about which ones continue to stay top-of-mind. Use this process to build a list of startup ideas and put yourself in a position to come up with an idea you want to pursue.

What else? What are some more thoughts on making a list of startup ideas?

One thought on “Make a List of Startup Ideas

  1. To add to this, there is also a number of different ways to begin validating an idea easily and quickly. For example, I had an idea about a software for car mechanics. I then reached out to managers in the industry (via LinkedIn) asking them about the idea/ problem. I also walked into a few shops around Atlanta and talked to onsite mechanics. I ended up disproving the idea quickly rather than thinking about it for longer than I needed to. So if you have an idea that you think has potential, reach out to others!

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