How Can I Help a Startup?

Yesterday I had the chance to spend time with a top executive from a large tech company. After touring the Atlanta Tech Village, and sharing the story, he asked, “How can I help a startup?” Great question. Here are four ways to help a startup:

  1. Potential Customers – Startups are always looking for new business. Know a potential prospect? Make an intro.
  2. Potential Employees – Finding great people that believe in the mission is a key to success. Know someone that might be a good fit? Make an intro.
  3. Potential Partners – Relationships and connections are tough, especially for startups without social proof. Know a potential partner? Make an intro.
  4. Customer Discovery – Startups are always looking to better under the market and potential customer needs. Have feedback or insight? Share it with a startup.

Want to help a startup? Start with these four ideas. Startups are always looking for help.

What else? What are some other ways to help a startup?

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