2016 TechStars Atlanta

Last night I had the opportunity to hear the 10 2016 TechStars Atlanta startups give their mid-program pitches. With only 39 days left (90 days total), the program is going by fast and the teams are making great progress. Here’s the class of 10 startups:

  • Bark Technologies (Savannah, GA): Bark protects children by detecting messages that contain cyberbullying, sexting and signs of depression or suicidal thoughts using NLP and machine learning techniques to maintain a child’s privacy and preventing parents from having to spend hours reading their activity.
  • Drizzle (Los Angeles, CA): Drizzle gives website owners an incredibly easy way to let their visitors pay for premium content. You can choose to charge a-la-carte for your content, or offer your visitors a subscription to access all of your content.
  • Fitspot (Los Angeles, CA): Trying to cram a workout into your busy schedule? Fitspot lets you book one-on-one sessions with certified fitness trainers when and where you want. Plan ahead – or start in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Joonko (Tel Aviv, Israel): Identify and solve gender bias in your workplace, as it happens!
  • LaaSer (Atlanta, GA): Thousands of lives are lost each year due to incorrect location information being sent to 911 operators over existing mobile phone network technology. Calls are often routed to the wrong jurisdiction, address and latitude and longitude information are often wrong or not provided at all, and people lose their lives or suffer more than they had to as a result. Our company and our products were created for the sole purpose of solving this problem.
  • Preesale (Brussels, Belgium): Multiply your sales channels by increasing your tickets sales on Facebook. Easily connect your Facebook app to your Facebook page, create your tickets in less than 5 minutes and sell to targeted customers, and promote your events on Facebook – the best platform to target your attendees.
  • Real Meal Delivery (Atlanta, GA): Skip the stress of meal planning and grocery shopping! Fresh, made-from-scratch meals are prepared daily by our chef. Just order by 4PM and let your family enjoy the hot, fresh food delivered to your door.
  • Sequr (Atlanta, GA): Sequr provides modern access control and visitor management for commercial buildings and multi-family communities (use your phone as the access key; no more access cards).
  • Splitty (Tel Aviv, Israel): Split your way to a better hotel deal! Choose your destination and dates, and Splitty’s “split and match” technology combines different reservation types to find the cheapest hotel stays for the dates that you want to travel.
  • UCIC (Waterloo, Canada): Ask and see live photo or video from anywhere in the world, right now.

Want to see the finale? Attend the free TechStars Demo Day November 1st from 5 – 7pm.

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