Moving Fast and Slow

In the startup world, there’s a misconception that everyone is frantically running around working 12 hour days just to survive. Yes, moving fast and getting things done quickly are critical. In fact, that’s the main reason small startups beat big companies repeatedly: moving fast and iterating is a huge advantage.

Only, it’s not all fast, all the time.

With intense efforts comes intense use of energy. And, sometimes moving slow is the right call. Whether it’s the need to go easy for a week, or work off the technical debt that’s been accumulating, going slow can be needed. Personally, I find my ratio to be 90/10: working hard 80% of the days until I feel myself losing the edge, then I slow down for a day.

The next time you feel you’ve been running too hard, for too long, ask yourself how you’re balancing moving fast and slow.

What else? What are some more thoughts on moving fast and slow?

One thought on “Moving Fast and Slow

  1. Yes, I think recharging is critical. For entrepreneurs to achieve performance. Like athletes taking rest days, people in the startup world should take recovery days as well. Especially since the most successful people treat their startups as marathons, not sprints.

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