Notes from Trenton Truitt’s Presentation on MEDDICC

Continuing with yesterday’s post on MEDDICC Forecasting Methodology, Trenton Truitt has a great video titled PagerDuty’s VP Sales: Managing Enterprise Sales where he talks about MEDDICC in detail. Here are the notes from his slides:

  • Metric
    • Define, capture and communicate the values used to make a decision
    • More than the ROI on the project
    • Why – Share similar success stores and build metrics for your champion
    • How – Arm the champion with a narrative to save/make money
  • Economic Buyer
    • The person who owns the budget for your service
    • Why – Shorten the sales cycle
    • How – Ask your champion
  • Decision Criteria
    • The values by which your service is evaluated
    • Why – Control the criteria or it will control you
    • How – Ensure your strengths are part of the criteria. Understand your competition’s technology. Lay traps for your competition.
  • Decision Process
    • Answer three questions:
      • How are decisions made?
      • Who is in the power base?
      • Who will move each stage forward?
    • Why – Forecast your sales. Focus your resources. Protect your time.
    • How – Ask the client to walk you through the decision process. Then ask the same question of everyone you meet. Trust, yet verify.
  • Identify Pain Points
    • The measurable problem your solution will solve
    • Why – Understand the value of the problem you are solving.
    • How – Ask the EB or Champion.
  • Champions
    • The person that will stake their badge on your technology
    • Why – A champion sells for you when you aren’t in the building. Nothing happens without a champion. Period.
    • How – Find the right person who has a way-in to sponsor your solution. Arm them with Metrics.
  • Compelling Event
    • An event that drives the timing of a decision
    • Why – Understand when the client needs to be up and running. Work with your champion to create the reason.
    • How – Ask. What are the implications of not having a solution implemented by X-date. Write the narrative.

Want to learn more about MEDDICC? Head on over and watch the video.

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