Notes from Trenton Truitt’s Presentation on MEDDICC

Continuing with yesterday’s post on MEDDICC Forecasting Methodology, Trenton Truitt has a great video titled PagerDuty’s VP Sales: Managing Enterprise Sales where he talks about MEDDICC in detail. Here are the notes from his slides:

  • Metric
    • Define, capture and communicate the values used to make a decision
    • More than the ROI on the project
    • Why – Share similar success stores and build metrics for your champion
    • How – Arm the champion with a narrative to save/make money
  • Economic Buyer
    • The person who owns the budget for your service
    • Why – Shorten the sales cycle
    • How – Ask your champion
  • Decision Criteria
    • The values by which your service is evaluated
    • Why – Control the criteria or it will control you
    • How – Ensure your strengths are part of the criteria. Understand your competition’s technology. Lay traps for your competition.
  • Decision Process
    • Answer three questions:
      • How are decisions made?
      • Who is in the power base?
      • Who will move each stage forward?
    • Why – Forecast your sales. Focus your resources. Protect your time.
    • How – Ask the client to walk you through the decision process. Then ask the same question of everyone you meet. Trust, yet verify.
  • Identify Pain Points
    • The measurable problem your solution will solve
    • Why – Understand the value of the problem you are solving.
    • How – Ask the EB or Champion.
  • Champions
    • The person that will stake their badge on your technology
    • Why – A champion sells for you when you aren’t in the building. Nothing happens without a champion. Period.
    • How – Find the right person who has a way-in to sponsor your solution. Arm them with Metrics.
  • Compelling Event
    • An event that drives the timing of a decision
    • Why – Understand when the client needs to be up and running. Work with your champion to create the reason.
    • How – Ask. What are the implications of not having a solution implemented by X-date. Write the narrative.

Want to learn more about MEDDICC? Head on over and watch the video.

One thought on “Notes from Trenton Truitt’s Presentation on MEDDICC

  1. It is always fascinating to me how relevant MEDDICC stays in all things enterprise. The tactics surrounding it may change, but the underlying Why stays the same 👌.

    Thanks for posting David. I hadn’t seen this video before 🙂

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