MEDDICC Forecasting Methodology

After yesterday’s post on The Success Plan Google Doc for Sales, Landon mentioned I should take a look at the MEDDICC forecasting methodology discussed in the post Control, or Be Controlled: Sales Forecasting Done Right. Like a more advanced version of BANT, MEDDICC is an an acronym for seven characteristics to evaluate:

  • Metrics – ROI and/or business case that proves the value of the solution.
  • Economic Buyer – The person who makes the economic decision to buy the solution.
  • Decision Criteria – The requirements and specifications to make a decision.
  • Decision Process – The process to find, review, and choose a solution.
  • Identify Pain – The existing business problem that needs to be solved in the timeframe.
  • Champion – The internal person with power and influence.
  • Competition – The other competitors in the opportunity and how they stack up.

Looking to improve sales forecasting and predictability in the sales department? Implement a system like MEDDICC.

What else? What are some more thoughts on the MEDDICC sales forecasting methodology?

Bonus: Here’s a great video explaining MEDDICC.

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