7 Daily Items in the Spirit of Tools of Titans

Continuing with the previous post Video of the Week: Tim Ferris – Tools of Titans, I’m halfway through the Tools of Titans book and it’s definitely not what I expected. The author interviews dozens of people and provides a few ideas from each based on a wide range of topics from workouts to psychedelics to leadership (very wide ranging!).

Instead of “Tools of Titans”, I’d characterize it as “lifehacks from high achievers.” In that spirit, here are seven things I do daily:

  1. Write a simple blog post for 30 minutes (this!)
  2. Read a book for 30 minutes (the Kindle Paperwhite is amazing)
  3. Ensure Inbox Zero (see also Getting Things Done)
  4. Run a daily check-in (get everyone aligned)
  5. Stretch for 10 minutes (things in motion stay in motion)
  6. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, whenever possible
  7. Do 50 curl ups (great for minimizing back pain)

These are the seven “lifehacks” that are a key part of my daily rhythm. Figure out what works for you and build a rhythm around it.

What else? What are some of your daily items?

One thought on “7 Daily Items in the Spirit of Tools of Titans

  1. Daily habits is a favorite topic of mine. We are the result of what we do habitually. A few of mine are

    • When I wake, before my feet hit the floor, I take a long deep breath, feeling the air fill my lungs, and I thank God for it, knowing that it is numbered. Each day starts with an act of hyper-focused gratitude. Everything the day brings is easier from this foundational appreciation. Over the years, this one habit alone has contributed greatly to my overall happiness.

    • I write 3 things I’m grateful for in the morning. At the end of the day, I write 3 amazing things that happened that day, and 3 things that could have made it better. This makes me take into account what would normally slip out of memory, realize the small things really are the big things, notice the beauty in the seemingly mundane, and see that life is more amazing than I once believed.

    • Encourage someone. Everyday you have an opportunity to do this. You don’t know what your friend or colleague may be going through in that particular moment. The strongest force in the human personality is to remain consistent with how one defines his or herself. If you affirm them, tell them what you see in them that you admire or respect, that impact could carry well beyond their day you just made.

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