The Slow Startup Movement – Questions

After writing the post on The Slow Startup Movement last month, a number of people have reached out and expressed their support and interest in the idea. While startups are scalable, growth-oriented companies, many founders and team members want a sustainable work/life blend. With the slow startup movement, there’s an opportunity to develop a common language and share ideas to help like-minded entrepreneurs in pursuit of startup success and a life outside the startup as well.

Here are a few slow startup movement questions for entrepreneurs to consider:

  • How do I run my business now? How do I want to run it?
  • What’s my peer group value now? What do I want out of a peer group?
  • What path am I on now? What path do I want to be on?
  • If I could change anything and make my journey more intentional, what would I change?
  • What am I working towards? What are my long-term and short-term goals?

At its core, the slow startup movement is about being more thoughtful in the startup journey and blending it with the overall journey.

What else? What are some more slow startup movement questions to consider?

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