Scaling Culture in a Fast-Growing Startup

Culture is one of my favorite topics as it’s so critical to successful organizations. I’ve seen OK cultures and I’ve seen amazing cultures — the amazing ones always grow faster and outperform their peers. Only, scaling a strong culture is hard as there’s much more complexity.

Here are a few thoughts on scaling culture:

Once the team grows beyond the co-founders, it’s time to start thinking about culture. As the startup finds product/market fit and a repeatable customer acquisition process, culture needs to be intentional.

What else? What are some more ideas for scaling culture in a fast-growing startup?

2 thoughts on “Scaling Culture in a Fast-Growing Startup

  1. David, I express enough how internalizing this practice has shaped how I grow as an individual, build, invest, predict, advise and guide.

    I may be overstating on of your points, but recognizing examples where culture postively impacted customer success or growth..

    Question back to you.: What steps/suggestions would you have for a mid-afternoon size company on making a shift toward culture driven growth.

  2. Some other helpful tools like I really like:

    – Catalytic coaching ( Excellent at helping your employees express where they want to go with their careers and matching up with where the organization needs to go.
    – Testing employee engagement. The Gallup 12 question survey will identify how engaged your team is and areas where management needs to work harder. Can be a really good starting point to see where management needs to focus right now.

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