Updated Quarterly Check-ins

Image by Jose and Roxanne via Flickr

We’re mixing things up this quarter and doing quarterly check-ins instead of quarterly performance reviews. OK, so they are pretty much the same thing but we tweaked the naming to reflect that this is a conversation with your manager/direct report, it isn’t tied to an immediate raise/promotion, and is important for aligning goals. I’ve talked about performance reviews several times before. Here are the questions we ask now:

  1. What did you accomplish this quarter? (List top 5-10 accomplishments)
  2. What 3-5 goals will you focus on next quarter?
  3. How can you improve?
  4. How are you embracing the company values? (Please provide specific examples.)

The quarterly check-ins are frequent enough to remember what you accomplished and infrequent enough to not be burdensome. My recommendation is to do something similar to facilitate communication and feedback on a regular basis.

What else? What other ideas do you have about check-ins/performance reviews?

25 thoughts on “Updated Quarterly Check-ins

  1. You probably already have a 360 mechanism in place, but in our performance reviews, we always ask: “What can we, the company (Highgroove) do to help you succeed, which is an easier way of finding out: “what are we doing wrong and right?” but in a more positive way….

      1. Thanks David, this is extremely useful. Another quick question: do you have managers answer questions in writing about their reports? Or is the written check-in one way only?

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