Demonstrating Product Value in the Application

One of the on-going challenges, and opportunities, for a SaaS application is to show the user the value they’ve received using the product. At Pardot, we worked hard to show the product value through revenue generated, marketing pipeline, and campaign ROI. Of course, demonstrating product value took time depending on the volume of leads, marketing activities, and length of the customer’s sales cycle.

Here are a few thoughts on demonstrating product value in the application:

  • Revenue Generated – Connecting the product to revenue generated is the ultimate in showing value. If there’s ROI, prove it.
  • Time Saved – Most applications have a time saving element. Quantifying it can be hard but worthwhile.
  • Items/Objects Used – Reminding the users of the volume of product usage — invoices sent, contacts created, etc. — helps realize the value.
  • Email Updates – Sending product usage summary emails to the user keeps the value top-of-mind on a regular basis. Weekly emails are recommended.

Entrepreneurs would do well to ensure that the product demonstrates its value to the end-user.

What else? What are some other ways to demonstrate product value in the application?

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