Change the World or Pursue a Cool Idea

Recently I was meeting with an entrepreneur that’s in transition and trying to figure out what’s next. Towards the end of the conversation he brought up an internal struggle: should I hold out for an idea that can change the world or pursue a cool idea that interests me but isn’t as grandiose. Naturally, this isn’t an easy question.

We debated the topic a bit and I offered up that absent a big idea now, it’s better to keep moving and pursue a cool idea that’s of deep interest. Many would-be entrepreneurs suffer from analysis paralysis holding out for the “great” idea. Yet, most initial ideas fail and require a pivot.

Pursuing an area of interest and starting the startup is better than holding out for an idea that might never come.

What else? What are some more thoughts on change the world ideas vs cool ideas?

One thought on “Change the World or Pursue a Cool Idea

  1. I agree – most ideas won’t change the world anyway and we encounter thousands of small companies doing a great job, doing something wonderful for their customers, supporting their families and would never meet the label of “world changing” idea or service/product. There is nothing wrong with doing good things very well!

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