Examples of SaaS 2.0 Companies

After talking about the The Next Generation Competitor to Every Public SaaS Company, it’s clear a better name for it is SaaS 2.0 companies. SaaS 2.0 companies are API-first, have rich, responsive UIs that are more conversational in tone, have approachable pricing models that are more flexible than the incumbents, and have a modularized platform so that customers can purchase only the features they need. With this definition in place, several people have asked for examples of SaaS 2.0 companies:

  • Intercom – Customer communications platform that’s one of the fastest SaaS companies to go from $0 to $50 million in revenue (see notes on Intercom’s growth)
  • Groove – Simple help desk software with a passionate following (read their blog)
  • Calendly – Schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails (an amazing product!)
  • CallRail – Call tracking for data-driven marketers
  • MailChimp – Beautiful email marketing

Look for more SaaS 2.0 companies to emerge that reimagine the entire experience in a new, more personal approach.

What else? What are some more examples of SaaS 2.0 companies?

5 thoughts on “Examples of SaaS 2.0 Companies

  1. Here in Atlanta I think both CailRail and MailChimp fall into the camp of what you would call a SaaS 2.0 company. Both are self serve, have very approachable pricing, and have public company competitors.

  2. Great post here you may be interested in that documents how the next generation of SaaS companies are thinking – at least in terms of user engagement: https://www.plainflow.com/blog/next-generation-saas-user-engagement/

    Love the fact you’ve called out how SaaS companies need to be innovating in this way and will have a section dedicated to this in my new eBook: https://successteam.co/2017/07/22/customer-experience-the-subscription-economy-and-10-ways-success-teams-will-make-you-win/#innovate

    Any more thoughts to share on this feel free to blog about them as I follow your blog and would love more fodder for my work 🙂

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