Calendly as the World’s Scheduling Platform

With last week’s news that Calendly raised a $350 million round at a $3 billion+ valuation, the largest venture round in Atlanta’s history, a number of people reached out to say congratulations. Of course, all credit goes to Tope Awotona and his team for building such an incredible business.

After the kudos, the most common question is, “How can the company possibly be so valuable?”

Easy, scheduling is a universal challenge.

Think of every job function that interacts with other people. Wait, that’s nearly every job function. Now, think of the last time it was a challenge to coordinate calendars for a meeting. Hmm, that’s all the time. Software is uniquely suited to make this problem go away. Calendly does this for more than 10 million people every month and that number is growing fast, super fast.

But, naturally, it wasn’t always this way. Every entrepreneur starts the same way — taking that first step. Tope shares his incredible personal and professional journey on How I Built This With Guy Roz — Calendly: Tope Awotona. Devastating family challenges. Lots of trial and error. Great vision. Amazing execution. Growth, growth, growth.

Congrats to Tope on building an iconic business and making millions of peoples’ lives easier.

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