Intentionality of Life Choices to Find Great Startup Ideas

Last week I had the opportunity to join a group of Endeavor Atlanta entrepreneurs for an outdoor dinner. As part of the gathering, we shared startup origination stories, current opportunities and challenges, as well as general areas for feedback or help. Without fail, every startup origination story centered around a personal experience where the proverbial light bulb went off and it was clear there was a problem to be solved.

As expected, the most obvious startup ideas are right in front of you.

What isn’t considered enough is the intentionality of life choices with an eye towards finding great startup ideas.

Last month I was talking to a potential entrepreneur. He repeatedly expressed that he wanted to be an entrepreneur later in life. Now, he wanted to learn and better himself. What should he do? What type of job should he take?

Instead of talking in generalities, I tried to get him thinking about trends and growth industries. Where are the best opportunities going to be in the next 10 years? How can you get in those markets now for exposure and experience?

By far, the most successful entrepreneurs I know picked great markets and found amazing ideas within those markets. Was it the entrepreneur that willed the business to such incredible success or was the market more important? Clearly, it’s a combination of both but I believe the market is a bigger driver of the scale of success.

The next time someone says they want to be an entrepreneur, encourage them to think about the life choices that will help them find great ideas in the best markets.

One thought on “Intentionality of Life Choices to Find Great Startup Ideas

  1. Nicely framed with powerful final sentence. I had a colleague frame as a surfing analogy, surfers spend a lot of time preparing for the waves they like to surf (aka building skills), and even more time learning where the waves are and reading the conditions (aka market intel). Great surfers learn to leverage momentum (waves) rather than pound the ocean with their board trying to create waves. Thanks David for sharing your insights and observations – they are appreciated and applied. ATB! S

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