Atlanta’s Startup Community at a New Peak

With last week’s announcement that Atlanta set a new record for capital raised in the first half of this year (almost $2 billion!), it’s clear good things are happening. Now, combine that with the fact that Atlanta is top in the nation for VC funding to Black founders. Then, add our newest unicorn in Flock Safety was crowned with a $150 million round from Andreessen Horowitz. Next, layer on a huge $450 million exit of Patientco to Waytstar and a solid exit of Sideqik to Engine Media. And, I’ve heard of several more deals that haven’t been announced. Things are moving!

Atlanta’s startup community has reached a new peak.

Only, this is an overnight success story 10+ years in the making.

In Atlanta, we have the following:

Want even more Atlanta resources? Check out the detailed Atlanta Startup Ecosystem Guide.

Congrats to Atlanta’s startup community on reaching a new peak and here’s to going even higher.

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