Go Help an Entrepreneur

One of the ways we promote the Atlanta Tech Village is that it’s a community of entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are typically great at one thing — say fundraising, product development, or sales — and not as strong in other areas. Yet, entrepreneurs are almost always glass-half-full people that want to help and bring out the best in others. So, by having hundreds of entrepreneurs in the same building, they inevitably help each other with the ultimate goal: increasing the chance of success for the whole community.

Only, this isn’t unique to entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs. Anyone can make a difference and help an entrepreneur.

Know any potential customers?

Know any potential mentors?

Know any potential employees?

Know any potential investors?

See, entrepreneurs always need help with something. The best way to find out? Just ask.

The next time you talk to an entrepreneur, ask them where they need help. Who knows, you just might have the solution.

Go help an entrepreneur. Let’s increase everyone’s chance of success.

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