SingleOps Partners with FTV Capital

Many years ago I had the opportunity to meet Sean McCormick when he was working on a startup in the automotive space. Immediately, I took a liking to him and admired his poise and thoughtfulness. We talked a bit and each time he would diligently follow up on our conversations and questions. While the automotive idea wasn’t the right fit, a few years later we reconnected on his latest idea SingleOps: business management software for the green industry. Put more simply, software to help tree care and landscaping companies run their entire business. Think everything from scheduling crews in the field to sending sales proposals to collecting payments — all focused on outdoor service businesses. 

Seeing my dad run his small business on Ortho2 for four decades, I knew the power and stickiness of vertical SaaS deeply tailored to an industry. I was very interested. After a few quick discussions, I lead the seed round for SingleOps in 2017 and joined the board. As hoped, Sean and his team executed well growing the business over 10x, establishing the premier brand in the industry, and winning a spot on the Inc. 5000. Now, thousands of people use SingleOps daily to run their own business and deliver solutions to their customers. If you have a tree care or landscaping business, you should use SingleOps.

Last week, SingleOps announced a $74 million investment from FTV Capital to accelerate growth and help realize the long-term vision. So many tree care and landscaping small business owners still run their companies by hand without specialized technology — much like going on a long road trip without a GPS, there’s a better way. It’s only a matter of time before SingleOps becomes the default standard and the majority of the industry runs on the platform. While my time on the board of SingleOps is done, I remain a cheerleader and supporter of Sean and his team. Thanks for including me in the journey. Onward and upward!

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