3 Reasons I like Google Chrome

I’ve been using the Google Chrome browser as my main browser for the past couple weeks and I’ve been very impressed. As a multi-year Firefox user, I was loathe to move on but the number of times Firefox would freeze on me on a daily basis was beginning to get annoying (probably partially related to too many add-ons installed). Here are three reasons why I made the switch:

  • Speed — Chrome runs a separate application process for each tab open resulting in a significant performance boost
  • Access Keys — Chrome has Alt and the access key enabled by default whereas other browsers require Alt + Ctrl and the access key (unless you manually change configuration settings)
  • Universal URL/Search Bar — Chrome has a single text box at the top that is used for both URLs as well as Google searches making it fast to enter URLs, search, and pull up previous sites
I recommend Google Chrome for PC users everywhere.

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