Churn with SaaS Products

One of the most important, and least talked about, challenges for SaaS products is churn, or customers leaving. There’s so much focus on selling new accounts, and providing a compelling product, that companies often don’t spend enough time addressing ways to increase their client retention rate. While we’re always striving to get better at what we do, here are some of the strategies we’ve found that work well:

  • Use dedicated client advocates to proactively call on customers and help answer questions as well as learn about issues before they are reported (some clients don’t bother reporting anything and let the disgruntlement build up)
  • Schedule weekly webinars for free customer training and vary the topics so that it also acts as continuing education
  • Track which modules are being used by the customer and offer up ways for them to get more value from the system
  • Monitor customer logins and reach out to clients that haven’t logged into the system within a certain amount of time as it is usually a leading indicator they are considering leaving

I hope these suggestions help. Customer churn is a critical issue for SaaS products, yet doesn’t get as much focus as it desires. Please reach out and share any suggestions you have for reducing customer churn.

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