Entrepreneur Lunches

One of the best pieces of advice I like to pass on to other entrepreneurs is to reach out and schedule at least one lunch per week, preferably more, with other entrepreneurs you would like to get to know better (or meet for the first time). Looking at my calendar for this week, I have two such meals already in place. My mind is already thinking of questions to ask, similarities or differences in our businesses, and any advice or referrals I might be able to earn.

Entrepreneurs love talking to other entrepreneurs.

Groups like the Entrepreneurs’ Organization are so successful because they provide a platform for entrepreneurs to interact and participate in peer-to-peer forums. The new ATDC is working on similar initiatives to foster community and enhance the likelihood of success for Georgia-based technology companies. This Wednesday, I’m attending the first, very informal Atlanta Startup Entrepreneurs (ATLSE.com) meetup lunch for entrepreneurs that want to help mentor or be mentored. Please join us if you can.

My advice for entrepreneurs: visit with other like-minded individuals in your community, and you’ll quickly appreciate the value of experience sharing.

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