You Might be an Entrepreneur If…

I was at an EO meeting and a person said that the love of trying the difficult was an entrepreneur trait. That got me thinking about the “you might be an xyz” chain emails that went around in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Well, here goes my rendition of “you might be an entrepreneur if…”:

  • You’ve gotten energy from someone telling you you’re not going to succeed
  • You’re blissfully ignorant when it comes to how hard it’ll be to make your business successful
  • You’ve maxed out your credit cards on the business and still press on
  • You’ve worried about meeting payroll
  • You’ve been rejected by angels or VCs when trying to raise money, or to even get a meeting
  • You think your idea is the greatest in the world before you even have a customer
  • You’ve pulled an all-nighter getting ready for a pitch
  • You’ve been told by a parent to get a real job
  • Your spouse has been repeatedly asked if you work by yourself out of your house
  • You have a goal to join EO or YPO once revenues are high enough

Those have all happened to me many times. Man, it is fun to be an entrepreneur!

What else? What are some other indicators you might be an entrepreneur?

7 thoughts on “You Might be an Entrepreneur If…

  1. You micro manage your kids’ lemonade stand in hopes of them pulling in a little more money for candy.
    Any time you go to the dry cleaners, out for a bottle of wine, or even just to McDonalds – you’re always trying to figure out process flows, margins, and how to do it better.

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