My New Book on Marketing Automation: Think Outside the Inbox

We just released my new book, Think Outside the Inbox, co-authored with my Pardot co-founder Adam Blitzer.

The material assumes a strong knowledge of both interactive and B2B marketing but does not require any experience with marketing automation.

Pardot Marketing Automation Book

Topics covered include:

  • Lead nurturing/drip marketing
  • Effective email marketing
  • Lead scoring/grading
  • Forms/landing pages
  • Metrics worth tracking

Think Outside the Inbox is available on Amazon. Please put a note in the comments of this blog post if you’d like a free copy sent priority mail at no charge. I’d love to get your thoughts and feedback.

13 thoughts on “My New Book on Marketing Automation: Think Outside the Inbox

  1. Hi David, congrats on the new book. I look forward to reading it soon, if you have a copy you can send me thats great. As an FYI you should edit your Amazon Editorial Review in the About the Author area – it is currently showing two paragraphs both about you (duplication) rather than one paragraph about you and one about Adam.

  2. Hi David-

    I am a fan of your work and would be honored the opportunity to read the new book. If still available here is my address:

    1735 Peachtree st 107
    Atlanta, GA 30309

    Thanks kindly and best wishes with both the book and Pardot’s success! Sincerely,


  3. Hi David,

    Working on implementing Pardot now. Looking forward to working with it/you.

    Since I lived the BtoB lead generation world for over 10 years, would love to read the book.


  4. Hi David,

    Congrats to you and Blitzer for becoming published authors! I would love to read it if you are able to share a copy.

    My address is:
    37 E Dogwood Trail
    Southern Shores, NC 27949


  5. David – Congratulations on the book! I look forward to reading it and would appreciate a copy. Thanks.

    75 Fifth Street NW
    Suite 440
    Atlanta, GA 30308

  6. David,

    Congrats on the new book release. Great topic – there definitely does not seem to be much else out there on this topic. If you’ve still got a few to give away, I’d love to receive a copy.


    1. I suppose an address would be handy…

      Kevin Madill
      Miovision Technologies Inc.
      120 Otonabee Dr.
      Kitchener, ON N2C 1L6

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