Atlanta Lacks Launch-and-Move-On Entrepreneurs

I was reading the TechFlash blog post on the RescueTime founder and CEO leaving after 28 months to start a new venture and it occurred to me that there are almost no launch-and-move-on entrepreneurs in Atlanta. What I mean by that is an entrepreneur who enjoys the birth to early growth stage of getting a company off the ground, but then turns the reins over and goes on to their next idea. Now, I don’t know if this is a good thing or bad thing, but does a strong startup ecosystem need more of these types of entrepreneurs?

As another example, last Fall, the Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey announced his new company Square to process credit cards on iPhones. He’s another launch-and-move-on entrepreneur. One benefit of this type of entrepreneur in the community is that there will be more companies with strong foundations growing fast. One downside might be that the entrepreneur leaves prematurely and the company doesn’t do as well. Of course, that is hard to predict.

What do you think? Does Atlanta need more of these types of entrepreneurs? Do you know of  any entrepreneurs like this in Atlanta?

Side note: RescueTime is partially funded by an angel investor in Atlanta.

2 thoughts on “Atlanta Lacks Launch-and-Move-On Entrepreneurs

  1. This is my goal but it isn’t easy 🙂 personally, I think starting it is the really hard part and most 2nd time entrepreneurs don’t want to do this again! It would be great to have more in the ATL!

    1. Thanks Dave! I agree that starting and getting it off the ground is the really hard part. I’m glad to see you’re doing it again 🙂

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