#1 Question for Startups Bootstrapping

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Recently I was talking to an entrepreneur working on a mobile game app in the education vertical. She doesn’t have money to invest and is working hard to bootstrap the business while looking for a technical co-founder. Here’s what I told her was the number one question for startups bootstrapping:

What’s the simplest product you can launch and sell while building customer rapport to help guide future functionality?

Obviously, bootstrapping a startup is difficult, but for most businesses it is the best way to go. Too often entrepreneurs spend time adding new features to their product after it is already salable and before they’ve built quality relationships with early adopter customers. Embracing the constraint that the minimum viable product is the goal — not the perfect product built in a vacuum — results in better outcomes.

3 thoughts on “#1 Question for Startups Bootstrapping

  1. This is great advice.

    MVP is key.
    If you have the one feature that clients will pay for, you will have the revenue and proof of concept to hire or bring on co-founders (and a lot more potential for investors.) It can be key to prove to yourself and others that your business is valid.

  2. Very nice and concise post David.

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Get something up, the bare minimum and then listen with both ears and iterate, iterate, iterate!


    Mike Boyd

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