Repetition is Key in Leadership

Repetition (album)
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One of the best practices that took me several years to learn is that of repetition. I always assumed that I’d only need to say something once and that was it. It isn’t that people don’t hear or understand it but rather that there are so many things going on that create noise.

Here are a few tips around repetition:

  • More important items need to be repeated more often (e.g. core values, corporate culture tenants, etc)
  • Different methods of communication like in-person, email, and voice should be employed to resonate with different team members
  • Only after you’re annoyed with repeating something so many times have you actually started to build recall in the minds of your people

Repetition doesn’t come naturally to me but I’ve found it to be critical to reinforce key messages.

What else? What other thoughts do you have about repetition as a leadership tactic?

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