The Importance of Leadership

With all the talk in the news lately about presidential candidates, it’s a good time to reflect on leadership and what it means to be a leader. Here are nine posts on leadership:

  1. John Maxwell’s Five Levels of Leadership
  2. Leadership Book Review: The Secret
  3. Leadership is Not Speaking Over Others
  4. Repetition is Key in Leadership
  5. 2 Action Items Going from Doer to Leader
  6. Leadership Development Questions from The Secret
  7. Great Leaders Simplify Complexity
  8. Consensus or Leader-Led Decision Making in Startups
  9. The Four Essential Competencies of a Leader

From Warren Bennis, here are the four essential competencies of a leader:

  • Leaders are able to engage others by creating shared meaning
  • All authentic leaders have a distinctive voice
  • All true leaders have integrity
  • The most important competency is adaptive capacity — this is what allows leaders to respond quickly and intelligently to relentless change

What else? What kind of leader are you?

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