Most Employees aren’t Focused on Startups

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Hanging around other entrepreneurs and constantly talking about startups makes me forget sometimes that most startup employees, especially in Atlanta, aren’t focused on the startup community. In fact, many of the people at my company have degrees and backgrounds in different fields, but work in the technology field because there are good opportunities. They are smart people who get things done.

Here are some examples:

  • Desire to be a school teacher but instead train clients on how to use the software
  • Divinity degree that works in customer support
  • Journalism degree that works as a client advocate
  • English major that works as a software engineer

The most important thing is to find people that align with your corporate culture and then figure out what they do well. Don’t worry if they aren’t focused on startups or have an unrelated degree: get the right people on the bus and provide the best environment for them to flourish.

4 thoughts on “Most Employees aren’t Focused on Startups

  1. Spot on, David. Where this can bite you as a business owner is when you try to incentivize these employees with startup related “things” — like: “equity” and “ownership” when that doesn’t interest them at all. We’re hiring now at my company, and priority number 1 is: do they fit in with the corporate culture we have? The rest is easy!

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