Happy and Meaningful Work

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One form of real joy in life, for me personally, is through happy and meaningful work. In my company, we talk about the three core tenets: good work, good people, and good pay. There’s a reason the three tenets are put in that order as most people spend more time on work than interacting with co-workers (people). Compensation is important, but less so than the first two assuming it is reasonable. Some of my team members value the good people more than the good work, and I appreciate that, but I would venture that most of the company truly enjoys the work they do the most.

Happy and meaningful work is a joy.

My recommendation is to not only create a great corporate culture but to also work hard understanding the strengths of each team member and getting them in a spot where their work is happy and meaningful. There’s a time and place for paying your dues and working towards better opportunities. Companies with happy and meaningful work for employees are more successful.

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