DISC Profile of Entrepreneurs

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If you follow the DISC (dominance, influence, steadiness, conscientiousness) personality profiles that attempt to categorize everyone with primary and secondary attributes, almost all entrepreneurs have a “strong D.” According to DiscProfile.com, a strong D:

  • is motivated by winning, competition and success.
  • prioritizes accepting challenge, taking action and achieving immediate results.
  • is described as direct, demanding, forceful, strong willed, driven, determined, fast-paced, and self-confident.
  • may be limited impatience and lack of concern for others.
  • may fear being seen as vulnerable or being taken advantage of.
  • values competency, action, concrete results, personal freedom, and challenges.

Of course, an entrepreneur need not have these characteristics but almost all the entrepreneurs I’ve met do have them.

What else? What are other personality traits of entrepreneurs?

4 thoughts on “DISC Profile of Entrepreneurs

  1. I think the I trait (influence) can certainly help as well. Whether it is pitching the VC or new customers or partners…

  2. Nice blog! Thanks for sharing. Whenever addressing team discord that develops it is imperative to identify individuals with strong personalities and viewpoints that compete for dominance within each and every team and discover how to effectively interact with these individuals.

  3. DiSC Profiling really do identify specific personality for specific job. But in entrepreneurship it’s not only the D (dominance) personality is needed, I agree that I (influence) is indeed needed. The D (dominance) personality can motivate and influence but much more if he/she has an I (influence) personality too. Anyway, nice blog!

  4. I must agree with what you said that “almost all the entrepreneurs I’ve met do have them”. One can never be an entrepreneur if he or she does not have the DISC characteristics. Dominance, influencing, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness must be present in a businessman or entrepreneur’s profile in order to succeed. In addition, I think having innovative style, proper behavior, and motivation are the other characteristics of an entrepreneur. check this out as it may also be helpful in understanding the DISC Profile of Entrepreneurs.

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