Mission, Vision, and Values

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At last week’s EO Strategy Summit we spent time on a number of topics and one of the areas was around mission, vision, and values. EO does a great job with these and should be commended. Here’s a definition of each and EO’s position:

  • Mission – purpose, reason for being, the “why”
    EO mission:  Engage leading entrepreneurs to learn and grow.
  • Vision – where we’re going, aspirations
    EO vision: To build the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs.
  • Values – non-negotiable rules of the road
    EO values:
    Boldly Go! – Bet on your own abilities
    Thirst for Learning – Be a student of opportunity
    Make a Mark – Leave a legacy
    Trust and Respect – Build a safe haven for learning and growth
    Cool – Create, seek out, and celebrate once-in-a-lifetime experiences

Mission, vision, and values are important and I recommend entrepreneurs spend time working on them for their startup.
What else? What do you think of mission, vision, and values?

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