Developing an Example Customer Story for Demos

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One of the techniques I like to employ for sales demo is to create an example customer, complete with dummy site, domain name, and persona to use for sales demos. The idea is to paint a picture of the typical app customer such that the prospect that’s watching can visualize himself or herself using the software. Telling a story is much more powerful than showing features (don’t show up and throw up).

Here are some tips when developing an example customer story for demos:

  • Have several scenarios available so that the story can be tailored to the prospect
  • Look for hooks and memorable anecdotes that you can intertwine in the story
  • Be confident about the example customer story while also being straightforward that is only an example
  • Develop an example site (e.g. use WordPress with a professional Woo Theme), custom domain name, and anything else to make the example customer convincing
  • Finish the customer story with a clear summary and desired next steps

Great example customer stories for sales demos can really differentiate one company from another. My recommendation is to focus on story telling with strong supporting resources when doing sales demos.

What else? What other tips do you have for developing an example customer story for demos?

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