Find the Early Adopters

Image by Denis Collette...!!! via Flickr

Signing the first 10 customers for a new product is one of the most difficult things an entrepreneur will ever do. It isn’t the act of signing the customer but rather everything required to get to that point and the challenge of getting the prospect to take that leap of faith and become a customer. One of the best things to do is to find the early adopters who take pride in using technologies before they’ve crossed the chasm.

Here are some ideas to find early adopters:

  • Go to meetups and educational events for the target audience
  • Participate in forums and message boards online where enthusiasts hang out
  • Engage in LinkedIn Groups around specific topics
  • Advertise on niche community sites

Finding the right type of early adopters can be difficult but the results can be incredible. Create a methodical plan and execute it to find and convert the early adopters into customers.

What else? What are some other ways to find early adopters?

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