Startup Marketing Needs to Answer WIIFM

Entrepreneurs writing marketing copy have a tendency to focus too much on features and not enough on benefits. There’s another aspect of startup marketing that needs more attention: what’s in it for me (WIIFM). WIIFM, pronounced “whif em”, is key for any persuasive message.

Let’s look at some startup marketing WIIFM examples:

  • Website personas whereby website visitors select which type of user they are to receive more specific content
  • Marketing copy that talks not only about the company benefits (ROI, efficiency, etc) but also individual benefits (increased personal recognition, skill set/resume enhancing, etc)
  • Referral initiatives whereby if you refer a friend you get more storage space or an gift card

The next time you read marketing content ask yourself what’s in it for the company and what’s in it for me. WIIFM is more important than you think.

What else? What are your thoughts on startup marketing needing to answer WIIFM?

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