Sales Reps Without Territories for SaaS

One of the more common strategies associated with sales reps is assigned geographic territories. Territories make sense when field sales are involved but with the growth of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), more and more sales are done over the phone and internet. A major downfall of territories is that in a fast-growing startup every additional sales rep that’s hired  shrinks someone’s territory, and shrinking territories is tough on morale. With a modern marketing automation system or CRM system there’s a better way.

Here’s one way to have sales reps without territories for SaaS-type sales teams:

  • Score and grade all inbound leads automatically and route them to a market response rep
  • Route sales qualified leads to a queue that distributes leads in a round robin fashion to the account executives
  • If there’s a particular source of lead that is sales qualified but even more valuable, like from a test drive, route those to a second queue of the same account executives (the idea is to have equitable distribution of the regular qualified leads and the best leads)

With one or more round robin lead queues, reps are assigned leads in a straightforward manner that is minimally dilutive when an additional sales person is added.

What else? What are some other ideas around sales reps without territories for SaaS?

2 thoughts on “Sales Reps Without Territories for SaaS

  1. Better for sure. Also keeps the trackability going. Then there are those smart routing systems that learn when sales people are busy or not–when you look at how optimized the delivery of a lead can be with this kind of approach, it can approach perfect. In the old system, if the “Texas guy” is on vacation, Texas is not covered, period.

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