Atlanta Startup Weekend 2012 Notes

Tonight I had the opportunity to hear the final pitches at Atlanta Startup Weekend 2012 at Georgia Tech’s ATDC. The teams did a great job, especially considering they only had a weekend. With over 120 people, Atlanta Startup Weekend continues to be one of the largest annual startup events in town.

Here’s a summary of the different projects:

Wink (overall winner)
– Meet friends of friends
– Dating site
– $2.1 billion industry, 1,500 dating sites
– Use Facebook social graph
– Matching through mutual friends
– Target U.S. young-to-middle age
– Freemium model
– Daily deal affiliates sales to make money

– Way to turn an idea into a fleshed out screen play for movie
– Don’t worry about scripting formatting — it’s automated
– Subscription service on a per-user basis
– Collaborate with multiple people on the screen play
– Script, scenes with description, list of scenes, WYSIWYG editor for the scene, multiple people can work in editor at same time from different browsers
– Give me the script button generates a fully formatted Word Doc
– API already available

– Mobile app for couples to communicate in a romantic and fun way
– Communication is number one reason for breakup and divorce
– Pair launched and quickly reached 100,000 downloads
– Competitors: Facebook, Path, Pair
– Fun games like quizes, voice notes, recommendations for products based on pins/likes

– Social space for people to capture 10 second audio bites
– Serves the casual user as well as businesses to help share their short messages
– Audio is stronger than text
– iPhone app to record and broadcast audio
– Emotion driven alternative to texting and Twitter

– Weddings are $40B annually
– Avg wedding is $25k
– Making weddings easy, fun, social, and memorable
– Text, images, audio
– iOS initially
– Stream view of the wedding

– Manage your services and products
– Avg household has 26 products that need regular maintenance
– Car servicing, oil changing, home A/C filter, etc
– Reminders by email, text, and voice

– Track, log, compare, and share your official race results
– Target is the running enthusiast = 2 million runners
– Runners want to track results plus more like weather, location, satisfaction, etc
– Data is super valuable
– Deliver recommendations for your own personal awesome sauce
– @finishbigapp on Twitter

– Real time audience interaction
– @onslyde
– Presenter performance, audience engagement, detailed analytics on presentation
– Users include public speakers, sales professionals, professors

– Children’s educational game that teaches about money and financial management
– $300M market for education apps and kids games
– Gap in the market for kids learning about money
– 60% of children ages 4-8 use apps
– Targeting ages 5-9
– Freemium — free app with $.99 per additional stage

RealVision (came in 2nd place)
– Commercial real estate software to analyze cash flow and value of properties
– Argus is industry standard – $4,700/yr/computer – $90M revenue
– Argus is out-dated and Windows 3.1 like
– Idea is a cloud-based app with smart phone component for brokers, owners, and lenders
– Test cash flow assumptions, sensitivity analysis, etc

Real Time Today
– Improve skills to get a better job
– Find best candidate in the market
– Current online recruitment sites have several issues
– Settings to better match candidates
– Developers occasionally have to put on IT hat and help people
– Fastest way to share files locally over WiFi
– Browsers can geo locate so you know where the file is left
– iOS mobile app ready
– Can share photos and or any type of file
– Files expire after an hour
– Paid accounts to have the files last longer

– Splitting costs is difficult
– Trust is the main issue for co-ownership of property
– Splitango handles the legal side of sharing ownership of property
– People are interested in owning things with their friends
– Meetup meets Kickstarter

– Mobile app to help people quit smoking
– No comprehensive digital tools out there to help quit smoking
– Key learnings: ready to commit, anonymity required, physical and mental distraction needed
– Buttons: I smoked | I beat a craving
– eBay reputation is a brilliant idea but it’s only on eBay
– Single site to get reputation from all your sites and centralize it
– Allows you to prove you say what you do
– People are worried others will cheat the system

Again, great job to the presenting teams.

4 thoughts on “Atlanta Startup Weekend 2012 Notes

  1. Thanks for the great, and comprehensive, list. It was amazing to see what all we got accomplished in a weekend, building out a functioning MVP for RealVision. Now back to more Customer Development.

  2. I have enjoyed immensely reading your blog. As a writer I know you will understand if I am absent from making comments for a couple of months. I have two books I’m writing and the push is on to get them finished…so with only 24 hours in the day, I am going to continue to read and like, but my comments will be limited to replies for those who comment on my blog…thanks for the grace.

    Be encouraged!

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