Physical Technology Upgrades for Startup Offices

Modern startup offices should be forward looking and take advantage of the latest tools for the job. As an example, large LED TVs are much better to use compared to projectors due to screen resolution, warm up time, sound, and energy consumption. Here are a few physical technology upgrades startups should think about for their office:

  • 65 inch LED TVs with 1080p and VGA/DVI inputs instead of projectors and screens (will be even better with OS X Mountain Lion and AirPlay from a laptop straight to the screen via an AppleTV)
  • Dual 50 inch LED TVs for the scoreboard in the lobby/sales bull pen with one showing real-time data with a number of metrics while the other shows the three most important KPIs highlighted in red, yellow, green, and super green
  • iPads outside each conference room with Google Calendar showing room availability mounted to the wall via a PadTab
  • Entry-door cameras with night vision and a built-in DVR for security and after-hours guest monitoring

While these technology upgrades aren’t necessarily cheap, they help make for a more efficient and productive working environment.

What else? What are some other physical technology upgrades startups should think about for their office?

2 thoughts on “Physical Technology Upgrades for Startup Offices

  1. Unless you can get all of this at a garage sale it seems like a highly crazy use of precious startup funds..if you’re a real startup and not a highly backed vc funded one

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