LCD Scoreboard Sets the Tone

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When people come to our office their first comment is always about the great views from the 34th floor on the edge of North Buckhead. Their second comment is almost always about the large LCD scoreboard we have in the lobby. People aren’t used to seeing a company’s current results(including revenues) and goals for the quarter prominently displayed for everyone to see. The LCD scoreboard sets the tone: results matter and we’re transparent about our progress.

Here are some benefits of the LCD scoreboard setting the tone:

  • Everyone knows exactly where we stand on a daily basis via the LCD scoreboard in the lobby and the same Google Spreadsheet on the homepage of our intranet
  • We believe in transparency and accountability the moment you walk in the door
  • When things are going well, or not well, peer congratulations or peer pressure reinforce that everyone’s in it together

The LCD scoreboard seemed like overkill when we first did it because of the cost and effort but I can confidently say it was easily worth it.

What else? What are your thoughts on using tools like an LCD scoreboard to set the tone?

8 thoughts on “LCD Scoreboard Sets the Tone

  1. You mention company-level metrics. Do you display departmental indicators (like the Gazelles red-yellow-green) and individual % of goal completion metrics? We don’t have a screen like this, but it seems like an interesting idea.

    1. Great question. We don’t do departmental indicators but we do use red, yellow, green, super green for the goals so that you can quickly glance at the LCD scoreboard and just look at the colors to see how things are going.

  2. I love having company wide goals.

    Having mini celebrations even daily are important. We have a hockey goal light and horn for each new account we sign up. It is rung (by the rep) and lets the entire office celebrate. It is great for Developers to congratulate a Sales Rep when a new deal is won. It shows the focus. Reps are sometimes more excited to ring the bell then winning the deal! (Recognition = Happiness)

    I would suggest starting with a giant (4′ x 6′) whiteboard to play with each metrics you want to track/report to the team. It will let you play with the layout and who is responsible for updating before building any specific tools.

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