Visually Representing a Corporate Culture

Recently I had the opportunity to meet with a startup that is very focused on corporate culture. Now, this is a growth stage company that many would say have moved beyond startup phase but they still had a number of startup elements.

One of the many things that impressed me is how they visually represented their corporate culture throughout their office. Here are some ways they present their culture in a more physical manner:

  • Creating a logo or graphic that represents the culture, as separate from the company logo
  • Incorporating the visual representation into standard office items that all employees use like pens, notebooks, cups, etc
  • Painting the walls and other physical building elements with the graphic

Many companies put their values or mission statement on a wall for team members to read on a regular basis but miss the fact that for a culture to care about these things they need to be alive on a daily basis. By visually representing a corporate culture throughout the office with many different mediums, and walking the walk, the culture is reinforced and significantly strengthened.

What else? What are some other ways to visually represent a corporate culture?

3 thoughts on “Visually Representing a Corporate Culture

  1. There are some companies that bring the culture to life by holding employees accountable to observable behaviors that are in alingment wiht these values. A company called Evaluate to Win has just started implementing this new system in many companies that put as much emphasis on culture as performance.

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