Trading One-Off Revenue for Scalable Revenue

One of the challenges entrepreneurs have is finding the balance between one-off revenue, like consulting services, compared to scalable revenue, like recurring Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) revenue. When times are tight financially, or it’s a bootstrapped startup, one-off revenue can become a necessity and highly desirable to get cash in the door.

Entrepreneurs need to continually ask the hard questions internally about what scalable revenue is being sacrificed for one-off revenue.

There’s no simple formula for determining when to give up one-off revenue in lieu of harder, scalable revenue. As the business grows and gains momentum, more opportunities arise for one-off revenue. Customers will ask for more consulting services, potential partners will reach out about one-time opportunities, and so on. When revenue sources arise, stay opinionated about what does, and does not, fit with the long-term vision.

What else? What are some more examples of trading one-off revenue for scalable revenue?

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