How Can I Help the Atlanta Tech Village?

On a daily basis, when meeting someone about ATV, I almost always get the question “How can I help the Atlanta Tech Village?” This goes to show the awesome community support and pay it forward mentality we have as a city. Of course, when people are asking how they can help, they expect an answer like “please refer tech companies and tech startups to ATV” or “please get involved in our community.” Those are great, and important, but the real ask is even more strategic:

Help us nurture startups so that they grow, succeed, and graduate

No matter the coolness of the building, the greatness of the people, and the excitement of the vibe, if we don’t have startups becoming successful businesses, we’re not succeeding as a community. Simply put, we need success stories to create jobs, wealth, and to put Atlanta on the map.

The next time you hear someone mention the Atlanta Tech Village, bring up the ultimate goal of nurturing more successful startups.

What else? What are your thoughts on answering the “how can I help” question?

2 thoughts on “How Can I Help the Atlanta Tech Village?

  1. David, I would like to help contribute to the success of ATV companies by supporting their efforts to establish mutually-supportive teams and positive cultures. I would like to discuss this topic with you at your convenience.

  2. ATV starts with an idea and a passion and support from the community,
    executes with a lot of hard work and focused energy, and then
    recycles by reinvesting in the next generation to continue the cycle.

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