Measuring Member Progress Within the Atlanta Tech Village

One of the topics we’re debating now within the Atlanta Tech Village is that of measuring member progress and how to create a culture of success. If we merely provide a great community and a great building without great success stories, we won’t be a success. Members of the Village need to continuously make progress with their startups and build sustainable, high growth businesses.

Here are some ideas on measuring member progress within the Atlanta Tech Village:

  • Require quarterly and annual SMART goals as part of the application progress along with mandatory monthly updates in a Google Spreadsheet (documenting them in a spreadsheet makes it easy to look back and see what was, and what wasn’t, accomplished)
  • Require a monthly 15 minute meeting with each member company to go over their current One Page Strategic Plan or Business Model Canvas
  • Require a monthly review of the Killer SaaS KPIs and require a minimum growth rate (e.g. numbers must improve by at least 1% per month)

Startups that are working hard and helping each other out will make significant progress, even in a short period of time. Results matter and measuring member progress will focus efforts on the important areas. It will also make it easier for mentors to make introductions and provide advice when challenges come up.

What else? What are some other ideas on measuring member progress with the Atlanta Tech Village?

One thought on “Measuring Member Progress Within the Atlanta Tech Village

  1. I am glad to see you are thinking along these lines. As you might have gleaned from a reply I made to one of your earlier blogs (Pricing at ATL Tech Village) something more than creating a good work environment is needed if you are going to seriously impact the success rates for the start-ups housed in your ‘village’.

    The broader metro Atlanta area has a lot of these start-up work-sites (accelerators/incubators). It would be quite impressive to be able to say that because of the screening that is done and the standards for sound business practices and accountability we (ATL Tech Village) uphold, the 5-yr. success rate for those businesses housed in our “village” is ten times higher than those in other incubator/accelerator and start-up environments.

    Of course this will be a significant change to your current business model as I can safely assume the vast majority of those already housed in your village or waiting in line don’t think they need the pro-active scrutiny nor feel it is anyone’s business how they run their company.

    I hope you don’t give up on this idea.

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