Pricing Iteration at the Atlanta Tech Village

After publishing the most recent Pricing at the Atlanta Tech Village post, and talking to companies that have signed up for private rooms and private suites, we’ve learned that startups would prefer a fixed-rate pricing methodology whereby the rooms or suites are a flat-rate, regardless of number of people.

The idea is that tech companies and startups want to have the option of being high density or low density with respect to the number of people and not feel like they are being nickeled and dimed. If two contractors or interns are needed, and there’s room to double up a couple desks, pricing shouldn’t change, resulting in more predictability and flexibility. Use cases like temporary workers, part-time workers, interns, guests, etc kept coming up and the original idea of additional membership types became more cumbersome than it’s worth.

Going forward, we’re going to try out our next iteration of pricing for rooms and suites where everything is labeled for the ideal number of people, with no extra per person charges if you want to cram more people in. We’re playing to the law of averages knowing that some companies will have less than the target number of people and some will have more. Here are the new prices for all inclusive memberships:

  • 3 Person Office – $1,000/month
  • 4 Person Office – $1,300/month
  • 5 Person Office – $1,625/month
  • 8 Person Suite – $2,600/month
  • 14 Person Suite – $4,550/month
  • 18 Person Suite – $5,850/month

Service provider pricing is 20% higher and follows the same idea where there are no additional per person fees.

Pricing is a very interesting topic as it plays into the financial model, positioning in the market, and more. With this new pricing change we’re working hard to make the pricing as easy to understand and streamlined as possible for a wide variety of use cases. I’m sure we’ll continue to make changes but this feels right based on input from customers.

What else? What are your thoughts on these pricing changes?

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