Atlanta’s Modesty When It Comes to Self-Promotion

Quick, who’s the most famous entrepreneur ever from Atlanta? Hint: he’s been referred to as “the mouth of the South.” That’s right, it’s Ted Turner. Ted Turner understands self-promotion and is happy to speak his mind (see the book Call Me Ted). Now, beyond Ted Turner and his amazing run with TBS and CNN, who are some other famous entrepreneurs from Atlanta. It’s hard to name very many.

Atlanta, with it’s Southern culture, has too much modesty. There are so many success stories, yet they are rarely talked about. Last year Atlanta had a half billion dollars in exits alone with marketing software companies, and people aren’t shouting the story from the rooftops. Atlanta has three more marketing software companies in Silverpop, Mailchimp, and WhatCounts that are easily worth over a half billion dollars combined — there’s no national press about the marketing software cluster in Atlanta.

I don’t have the answer but I can see the problem: Atlanta has too much modesty and needs to get better at self-promotion.

What else? What are some ideas to help with promoting the city and its successes?

7 thoughts on “Atlanta’s Modesty When It Comes to Self-Promotion

  1. Atlanta will absolutely create more marketing software success stories. We’ll see the next wave of marketing software companies help their clients go beyond email by finding innovative ways to connect with customers and measure their returns. As you know, there are many success stories in the works (and I include CallRail among them).

    If it’s good for CallRail and good for the community, then perhaps more self-promotion is a win for everyone.

    1. Promotion backed up by performance done consistently creates an aura of inevitability i.e. attracts talent, a look by investors and startups looking for these 2 crucial ingredients which in turn creates mass and more likelihood of success.

  2. Mike Cote (SecureWorks CEO, prior to Dell acquisition) – he led them thru a meticulous “world-class growth phase” [492% over 4 years! from ~ $20M to $120M Rev’s] … enabling a Buyout @ 5 x’s Rev’s … Mike deserves an elite position w/in ATL’s venture trophy case

  3. David Cummings (Pardot) – as 1 of ATL’s leading experts on ‘high-end, Inside Sales Biz Dev’ – I can attest/relate to the phenomenal success David created / led @ Pardot (Buyout: 16 x’s Rev’s !!) … simply world-class. VERY few entrepreneurs realize / understand / professionally integrate, a Concentric, Professional, Cold-calling plan.

    David is overly modest about what he did … possibly only 1 in 1,000 Startup CEO’s has his keen insight / vision … he deserves every single $ he’s earned.

    The last 5 years (here in ATL) — who’s done a more impressive Ramp up & Exit? … & w/ NO Venture Capital investment ?! … radically crazy! — David is king (nice ring to it, huh?)

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